Terms and Conditions


All Huntley Furniture Sales are subject to Australian Consumer Law: Our goods come with a guarantee that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


All sales are based on the terms and conditions outlined below which are deemed to be accepted upon receipt of payment to Huntley Furniture. Upon order approval, you accept the quality, quantity, design and condition of all package items.


  1. To confirm your order, a deposit must be in full, unless otherwise specified. No orders will be processed until the deposit has been received by Huntley Furniture.
  1. Deposits are not refundable. A credit notice may be supplied in some circumstances, minus all associated costs.  
  1. Lead times commence from the date of deposit received.
  1. All package prices are fixed once the deposit has been received and until final hand over to the Client, unless otherwise specified.
  1. All goods shall remain the property of Huntley Furniture until full payment is received.
  1. Payment can be paid by direct deposit, company cheque or credit card. Huntley Furniture reserves the right to charge the Client an additional fee if Huntley Furniture incurs extra charges due to the use of some credit cards. Fees for credit card payments apply. Refer to Fee’s and Charges for a fee breakdown.
  1. Huntley Furniture reserves the right to reevaluate product pricing in accordance with market conditions if the package is confirmed outside of the quoted time frame.



  1. Package alterations made after an order has been confirmed must be in writing and may incur additional charges.
  1. Any package variation or cancellation must be communicated in writing and approved by Huntley Furniture.  
  1. Refunds or credits due to package variations and or cancellations will be at the discretion of Huntley Furniture and may be subject to additional fees.
  1. Package variations may impact delivery timelines.
  1. In the case of a discontinued or unavailable product, Huntley Furniture reserves the right to replace any such item with a similar product in use and value.   



  1. Huntley Furniture will deliver and install all agreed upon package/s to the agreed address.
  1. Deliveries will be coordinated over a single delivery period unless otherwise specified
  1. Deliveries required over separate days at the clients request may incur additional delivery, storage and administration fees.  Any associated costs will constitute a variation to the contract and will be quoted and invoiced accordingly.
  1. Huntley Furniture reserves the right to charge any associated costs and fees incurred for any amendments made by a client or any associated parties, that may impact the agreed upon delivery schedule.
  1. In the event third party items need to be handled by Huntley Furniture, Huntley Furniture are not liable for any delivery delays or any associated costs. Any delays caused by third parties may be subject to additional costs.
  1. Huntley Furniture is not responsible for the removal or handling of any third party packaging or rubbish. Huntley Furniture are not responsible for assembly, delivery or any damaged caused by third party deliveries.  
  1. Huntley Furniture are not be liable to the Client in any way for failure to deliver on the delivery date and any failure to deliver does not create any rights for the Client to cancel the order or terminate this agreement.
  1. Huntley Furniture will make all reasonable attempts to supply goods ordered by client. It is accepted by the client that Huntley Furniture accept no responsibility for delays, price variations, and unavailable or discontinued stock beyond its control.
  1. Huntley Furniture reserves the right to exchange unavailable or discontinued items with goods of a similar type and quality.
  1. Upon completion of a project, Huntley Furniture will complete an official hand over to the client or client representative. Any rectification works required to be undertaken will be agreed to be Huntley Furniture and the client.



  1. Huntley Furniture offers a standard 12 month domestic warranty period from the date of hand over, subject to wear and tear, product care and maintenance. Huntley Furniture will repair or replace any product with a manufacturing or materials fault for the duration of the Quality Guarantee period. The Quality Guarantee applies to the original purchaser only and is non transferable.
  1. The Quality Guarantee does not apply to: Normal wear and tear, including pilling, fading, loss or deterioration (of the whole product or its components); Damage caused by improper use, cleaning, negligence, treatment, transportation of the products or otherwise caused by your acts and/ or omissions; Damage caused by exposing the products to sun, extreme heat or cold, or chemicals/agents that are known to damage the product
  1. All claims are at the discretion of Huntley Furniture. In some cases a site inspection will be conducted to assess the claim.
  1. The cost of freight is not covered under the Huntley Furniture Guarantee and is some cases will be charged to the client at an additional cost.
  1.  It is the clients responsibility to complete and provide to the manufacturer any warranty documentation.
  1. Huntley Furniture does not offer warranties over and above those specified by the manufacturer, including all electrical items and white goods.
  1. Items considered defective must be reported within 7 days of the hand over. 
  1. Huntley Furniture accepts no responsibility for defects or damage once a property has been tenanted.
  1. Huntley Furniture accepts no responsibility for damage caused by the handling of items by persons not authorised by Huntley Furniture and / or if the item has been used.



  1. Huntley Furniture will deliver, unpack, assemble and place the package items where appropriate.
  1. Huntley Furniture will hang artwork and mirrors when supplied by Huntley Furniture.
  1. Huntley Furniture will remove packaging and waste associated with the package items only, and will vacuum and make good the areas around the installation.
  1. Huntley Furniture are not responsible for the cleaning of a property before or after the package installation.
  1. Huntley Furniture will assemble, plug in and program all electrical equipment, white goods and appliances, supplied by Huntley Furniture.
  1. Unless otherwise arranged, structural, electrical or building works required to complete the installation of items contained in the package is the sole responsibility of the Client, and includes but is not limited to additional wall support required to hang art works, mirrors and TV wall brackets; any works required to install electrical items, appliances or white goods.
  1. Huntley Furniture will plug in white goods to services provided but will not undergo any product or operational testing. All plumbing works are the sole responsibility of the client.
  1. It is the clients responsibility to advise of any non standard fixtures, fitting, cavities, building materials or any reason that may affect the installation of goods. If a client fails to advise of any variances and therefore a product is then not suitable, Huntley Furniture reserves the right to charge the client for all associated costs in replacing the items, including all additional delivery fees.
  1. Prior to package installation the client must:
    • Advise of any abnormal or non standard fittings, fixtures and cavities
    • Connect power and water
    • Ensure the property is clean and empty of existing rubbish, furniture or goods
    • All defect works must be completed or noted in writing before commencement
    • Ensure Huntley Furniture has sole access to the property, including and not limited to; parking, lifts,  keys, security passes, codes etc
    • Ensure no one except Huntley Furniture handles any package items during installation. Any damage caused by any third parties will be the sole responsibility of the client and the client is liable for any associated costs
    • Ensure the site is adequately secured during the installation period. If any items are stolen, damaged or misplaced during this period, the client is responsible for any associated costs.
  1. The client or nominated representative must be present on the day of installation for a hand over.
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