The Huntley Team

Edmund Butcher

Founder and Sales Director 

Edmund founded Huntley Furniture in 2018, combining his background in business development within the commercial real estate industry, and his passion for providing an exceptional user experience. He attributes his success to the belief that he is committed to providing significantly more value to his clients than anyone else in the field. A dedicated leader, Edmund and his team have been trusted by over 400 clients to date.

Tintin Christina

Interior Designer

Tintin joined the Huntley Furniture team in 2019, bringing with her a solid background in product procurement, interior styling and project management. From large holiday house fitouts, to chic penthouse pads and compact apartment living, Tintin applies her passion for beautiful spaces with her practical side, placing function and purpose as a top priority.

Eloise Rose

Marketing Manager 

Eloise has been with the Huntley team since 2018. With a background in furniture package and digital marketing, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Anything and everything creative, branding, social and website is her domain.

Nikolet Mancheva

Graphic Designer 

Nikolet is the master behind our bespoke proposals and all of Huntelys outbound communications. She oversees our branding and organises products, specifications, house plans and all the finer details into a neat little package. We have her to thank for our incredibly fast proposal turnaround time.

Randi Dissanyanke

Logistics Coordinator 

Randi brings years of experience to our growing logistics team. All things involving picking, packing, delivery, installation and rubbish removal, is managed by Randi. He coordinates lift bookings, external trades and oversees our team of installers. His focus is on delivering a streamlined and efficient delivery and installation process, where customer satisfaction is at the forefront.

Peter Lee

Sales Manager 

Peter spends his days conversing with our clients, with a particular focus on our international clientele. Peter knows Huntley Furnitures’ packages inside out and how to best customise them to suit your needs. A natural go getting, Peter brings tireless enthusiasm and a strong customer centric focus to the Huntley team.